Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This picture was taken right outside of our hotel room. The view was gorgeous and the weather was perfect.

Klint couldnt get enough snorkeling!! Once he got out there we couldnt get him out! This was his first time ever doind it and he was definitely hooked!

I thought this was a great picture of mom and dad!! We went out to a great restaurant called Wahoo's.

Body boarding was another first for Klint and he loved that too!! He would stay out there till he could hardly move. He got pounded a few times by some huge waves it was pretty funny to watch!

This was at the Luau that we went to and the grounds were just gorgeous. They had little areas set up to represent each Polynesian culture!
These are some of the dancers that performed in the show! They had dances and costumes to represent each culture as well. This was my favorite part of course!

Ok Katie You Win!!

Well this is so you have more than one person under your family section!! I am not as good of a journal writer as my sister but every time I talk to her she asks me to start a blog so here you go!