Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still Here

I know I have not updated in a long time so here is a little update. I finally finished my first year of Grad school and could not be happier. I am hoping that this last year goes as fast as the previous cause lets just say I am more than ready to be done!! Klint and I went to San Diego this past week and surprised my sister! We wanted to surprise my mom too but unfortunately the surprise was spoiled because she was scheduled to work and we wanted her to get the time off so she could be in on the fun!! I tried to have Klint video tape us going into the house but it didnt turn out that great and we had to whisper because all of my sisters kids were asleep. Here are some pictures of our trip!!
Hallie and Maggie at the Zoo!!
Klint is the human jungle gym for all the kids! They just love him! Check out those Hippos in the background!! My cute Grandma!! I am so happy she is close to my parents so they can see her all the time! Our favorite place to vacation! This is the view right outside my parents back door!!Me and Dad!!
Unfortunately my Mom was sick this day so we didn't get a picture together but just want her to know I am so glad we could hang out with her and that she is the best mom ever!! Happy mother's day mom!! I also don't have any pictures of my sister and the twins from this trip but we had a blast and I am so happy I got to see my family before I started school again! I really needed it!! There is nothing better than hanging out with family!! Love you guys!!