Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in Cali

Klint and I got to go visit my family this year in San Diego and let me just say I love that place!! I have been struggling quite a bit this semester just being stressed out all the time and not being able to see my family very much so this trip was so needed! I love every chance I get to see my fam! They are awesome and I love them so much! I was sad we didnt have the whole family together this year but we still had a blast! We went to Disneyland which was all decorated for Christmas! It just cant get any better than that! Two things I love in the same place! Here are some pictures of all the festivities!
Klint somehow got Isaac in Ohio State gear. Don't ask me how his dad and grandpa must not have been looking.
Holiday Magic Christmas Parade

The Girls and their first time meeting Tinkerbell

After the fireworks and its "snowing" at Disneyland
We celebrated Christmas since we would all be away for Christmas. The girls were so excited to build gingerbread houses.
I thought this picture was pretty darn cute cause Isaac was so excited about getting clothes he couldn't help but show them off!
Cute Grandma Strong
Ok so this picture comes with a story. Erin and I were walking in Wal Mart getting some last minute shopping in and passed these crushed velvet boxers with bells on the bottom and couldn't stop laughing so we decided to get a pair for the boys. Dont they look like cute little Christmas elves?
And last we celebrated Kaitlyn's 4th b-day!