Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in Cali

Klint and I got to go visit my family this year in San Diego and let me just say I love that place!! I have been struggling quite a bit this semester just being stressed out all the time and not being able to see my family very much so this trip was so needed! I love every chance I get to see my fam! They are awesome and I love them so much! I was sad we didnt have the whole family together this year but we still had a blast! We went to Disneyland which was all decorated for Christmas! It just cant get any better than that! Two things I love in the same place! Here are some pictures of all the festivities!
Klint somehow got Isaac in Ohio State gear. Don't ask me how his dad and grandpa must not have been looking.
Holiday Magic Christmas Parade

The Girls and their first time meeting Tinkerbell

After the fireworks and its "snowing" at Disneyland
We celebrated Christmas since we would all be away for Christmas. The girls were so excited to build gingerbread houses.
I thought this picture was pretty darn cute cause Isaac was so excited about getting clothes he couldn't help but show them off!
Cute Grandma Strong
Ok so this picture comes with a story. Erin and I were walking in Wal Mart getting some last minute shopping in and passed these crushed velvet boxers with bells on the bottom and couldn't stop laughing so we decided to get a pair for the boys. Dont they look like cute little Christmas elves?
And last we celebrated Kaitlyn's 4th b-day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Brad Paisley Concert

I went to the Brad Paisley concert with all my sister-in-laws a couple weeks ago and it was a blast. I haven't been to a concert in forever or just had a girls day which was really fun! Here are a dew pictures of the night!We were kinda far away but still had so much fun!

Dierks Bently and his band. He opened the show

I had to get a picture of the big screen cause that was the only way I could get a clear picture.

Me and the girls

Monday, August 17, 2009

Park City Olympic Park

Klint and I went to Park City this weekend for a fun vacation before school starts. It was awesome to just hang out with my Hubby without a care in the world. We hardly even get one day together to just hang out and have fun so having three was so much fun. We started the weekend off with a round of golf and then went shopping and out to dinner and a movie. The last day that we were there we drove up to the Olympic park and there was a pool and some ski runs that people were jumping off of. Here are a couple of fun videos.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are back!!!

So I know it has been a long time since I have updated my blog but I now having a camera that is working!!!! I am really excited about that except the fact that I missed all the pictures from our vacations this summer! A couple days after graduation we went to Orlando Florida and went to Disneyworld!! I did get a few fun pictures with my sister so I was happy I didnt completely miss out! We got to visit my grandma and just hang out with my whole fam for almost 2 weeks. Then we headed off to Arizona for my cousins wedding and had a blast! It was also my other cousins mission farewell! He is now off to Capetown South Africa and so excited! Well I dont know much else other than school is about to start and I am so excited to get into it and get it over with!!! So thats the update so far and hopefully we will do a few more fun things before school gets too crazy!

Klint and my niece Maggie. I love this picture its so sweet

Klint and I on the balcony of the hotel

Me and my Fam in front of the tree of life at the Animal Kingdom at Disney

Isaac loved the characters at Disney

All the girls got to dine in Cinderella's castle and they were all given magic wands and were very excited about them

Laynie could not get enough of the characters she wasnt scared of them at all

Klint and I on the beach by my grandparents old house

The girlies meeting Cinderella

So my sister had invitations from Cinderella to dine in her castle made up for Hallies 5th for all of the girls and they thought they were so special and couldnt believe that Cinderella wanted them to come and have dinner in her castle. It was so fun to watch them open them up!

We got to go visit my Grandpas grave site which was really special for my family. He passed 9 years ago and that was the first time I was able to go since the day of his funeral!

My beautiful grandma in a rehab center after she broke her leg. Doesnt she look awesome for being 91 and just to have broken her leg! I just love her!

Me with my nieces. We were having fun with the color accent feature on her camera

Me and my sis

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Out with the old in with the new

Wahoo!!!! I did it! Its finally over! I wish I could say that for good but hey I have the summer off and only two more years until I will be done for good! I have been working my tail off for the last 4 1/2 years to get this degree and it felt so good to finally accomplish that. It was a little bitter sweet because I met some life long friends over the last three years here at Utah State and will be sad not to see them everyday when I come to class! Although it was a little sad the excitement definitely outweighed the sad! I couldnt get the smile off my face as we walked in to graduate and I knew I had finally made it! There were some days I wasnt sure I would survive but here I am! I am so excited to move on to some fun new things including a new town and a new apartment that I get to paint and really have fun with! It has been an amazing few years between going to school getting married and graduating! Here are some pictures of the fun!