Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Golf Adventures

So Klint is always wanting to go golfing but lets face it I just plain suck at it! But I will agree to go miniature golfing so this is as good as it gets for me!

Here is the big golfer being all professional and taking his time to set up the shot!

Klint is always so embarrassed when I ask other people to take pictures of us but I we don't usually have pictures of things we do unless it is a big vacation but I'm ok with it and now that I have somewhere to put the pictures I think its worth it!

I was pretty good! I even got 2 hole in ones!!! This is as close as I get to playing golf so I'll take what I can get.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well we have reached the one year mark!!! Yay!!!!! I cant believe it has been a year already but at the same time I feel like we have been together forever! This past year has been great and has just totally flown by! Klint and I met at school here in Logan Utah in july of 2006 and got engaged Feb 8 2008 and the rest is history! We are so happy and cant wait to continue our adventure together! Here are a couple pictures from our anniversary! Can you believe it Klint actually got me a dozen roses I just about died of shock but was so excited! Klint is so good to me and I just cant get enough of him!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Apartment

This is the front of our apartment.
Here is our living room from standing in the entryway

I love our kitchen because we can actually fit both of us in here.

Just giving a basic idea of the set up. Out this back door we have a little porch where we can barbecue and hang out.
And this is my favorite feature!!! Not only do we have them now but they are upstairs so I dont have to carry our clothes up and down the stairs.

This is our bedroom which is about double the size of our old room! And both of us can fit our clothes in the closet! Klint doesnt have to use the closet in the other room anymore! Also out this door there is a balcony with the driving range right across the street so I can watch Klint play without having to go and embarrass myself.

We also have a connecting bathroom with the guest room. The best part is that this part of the bathroom is mine with the big counter and then Klint has his own space to get ready as well!